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5 Bikeable NYE Outfits to Sparkle Your Way Into 2015

Ready to ring in 2015? From a swanky dinner with a champagne toast to staying in for the night and watching the ball drop on TV—we’ve got your bikeable outfit covered from head to toe. You’ll be making your list of resolutions, eyeing up someone to smooch, and singing your heart out to Auld Lang Syne in no time.

So, where are you off to?

An uptown house party hosted by your cool best friend

Image via Dynamite
Image via Dynamite

Headed to a party at your uptown friend’s home? She probably has a cowhide rug, a fair number of artistic screenprints on the wall, and an elusive cat lurking about. The occasion calls for a cool tank with a hint of sparkle. We like this option pictured above from Dynamite, or this slightly riskier number from Theory. You’re in the spirit, but effortlessly cool. Someone will probably mistake you for a Parisian. You’ll neither confirm nor deny.

Pair the tank with your most flattering skinny jeans, cuffed ever so haphazardly at the ankle, and your trusty simple pumps, like these from Madewell. (If you’ve got a long ride ahead of you, throw the pumps in your bag and leave your practical shoes at the door when you arrive.)

An upscale restaurant in the heart of downtown

Image via Nordstrom
Images via Nordstrom

Spending the evening with a special someone at the city’s chicest eatery? Arrive in a stylish jumpsuit and be ready for whatever adventures the night may bring. Major plus: many jumpsuits feature a tapered or straight leg, which means your silky fabric stays far away from that greasy bike chain. We like this piece above from Rachel Zoe. We guarantee, that sheer back will have heads turning. Similar (and cheaper) versions here or here.

Images via Kate Spade and J.Crew
Images via Kate Spade and J.Crew

Add some tasteful sparkle with accessories like this Kate Spade bracelet or these statement earrings above.

The hotspot nightclub with your best girls

Image via Garnet Hill
Image via Garnet Hill

You’ve made plans with your gals to hit up the city’s quintessential New Year’s Eve nightclubs. This is your opportunity to rival the disco ball in shine and sparkle—don’t let it pass you by. We suggest Garnet Hill’s (on mega-sale!) sequined skirt and tank combo. Pick your favorite color and shine on. We also give the Bird Industries stamp-of-approval to this lovely frock from ModCloth and this high-necked dress from French Connection, via ASOS.

But remember to pop on your trusty skirt garter to ride into 2015 with class, not exhibitionism. Available here and here.

Your neighborhood dive bar

Image via Forever 21
Image via Forever 21

Anything goes at your neighborhood dive bar. You’re a regular, and you feel completely at ease. New Year’s Eve is your opportunity to inject a little glamour and sparkle into the regularly plaid, denim, and cheap beer scene. Throw ’em for a loop in a glitter tee or tank (like this above or this) or some sparkly sneakers (like these Kate Spade gems). With distressed jeans, this look is completely bikeable.

Riding to the liquor store and back home, staying in for the night

Image via American Apparel
Image via American Apparel

Staying in for the night means you have complete creative license to get as outlandish as you want. For your ride to the liquor store, we suggest some sparkly leggings that border on obnoxious (this pair pictured from American Apparel should do the trick), your snuggliest sweatshirt, and a pair of 2015 glasses that you pick up from someone on the street. Home alone? Pick up extra booze and make people think you’re throwing a raging party.

As you cuddle up on the couch to watch New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, smile to yourself because you actually made the best plans of all. Want to go to bed early? We won’t judge.

As always, ride safely and smartly this New Year’s Eve, and here’s to a very happy 2015!



Winterizing Your Wheels

Snow on the ground? Check. Black Friday ads on a seemingly constant loop? Check. Hibernation instincts setting in? Check. Winter is here, and for most of us, the only thing we can do is embrace it. And that includes saying hello to crisp, snowy rides on our trusty bike. A good winter bike ride can be invigorating and empowering—you basically feel like a warrior.

Images via,,
Images via,,

But you don’t have a fat tire bike. And don’t have a 6 inch beard protecting your jaw from that unrelenting north wind. And you maybe don’t have a will power made of steel. No fear. We’ll get you suited up and on the road in no time. But first, you’ll need to prepare your bike for the elements. Here are a few tips to keep you safe:

– Switch up your bike. Winter is not the time to roll around on your shiny new, carbon frame speed machine that brings you medals and glory in warmer months. Salt and road grit will gunk up your chain and gears—fast. If you’re lucky enough to own more than one bike, select the more rustic option for your winter cycle, clean it often, and don’t forget to lube it up.

– Turn up for a tune up. Before you hit the road, it’s a good idea to take your wheels in to your local bike shop for a winter tune up. They’ll cross the t’s and dot the i’s so you’re feeling confident about the well-being of your cycle.

– Find some fenders. Does a wet tush covered in gross, dirty street slush sound appealing to you? No. Get yourself some fenders and repel 95% of that gunk.

– Winterize your wheels. Solid winter bike tires can be a lifesaver. Literally. Your sleek skinny summer tires simply won’t have enough traction on icy or snowy roads. So there are a few different options for your winter wheels. 1) You can select a thicker or nubbier set tires and squeak out a touch of air to make them a bit more gummy. 2) You can install some studded tires to help you grip the road (best for icy or packed snow). 3) Zip ties: a wonderfully cheap solution, but only if you don’t have rim breaks. Get the how-to here. 4) You can fall over.

– You don’t merely twinkle. You shine. If you’re commuting to and from work, you’re likely going to be riding in the dark. Bike lights are essential. No need to go disco-crazy, but a good set of front and back lights will keep you visible and safe. Consider investing in a good LED light like this one.

– Sloppy saddle no more. Locking your bike outside and heading indoors? Protecting the seat of your bike is a must. Check out our adorable, chic (we’re not biased at all), and functional saddle covers, here or here, that keep you sitting pretty.

Ride on, winter warriors!


Bike-Portable Thanksgiving Fare

You’ve been invited to share a holiday meal with friends and family. If you’re planning biking there to work off some of that pecan pie, but can’t figure out a dish that will fit in your bike bag, here are 5 perfectly packable Thanksgiving offerings.

Roasted Winter Squash and Onion Turnovers
What’s more cozy than a warm pocket of savory goodness? These cute turnovers pack up nicely in a plastic container. Pad them with a little paper towel so they don’t shake around too much, and you’re ready to ride over the river and through the woods.


Prosciutto-Wrapped Parmesan-Pecan Dates
Prosciutto and dates. Salty and sweet. Heaven and, well…. honey-roasted heaven! Be sure to get dates on the larger side, pack them up in the compartments of an egg carton, secure with rubber band, and be on your way.


Roasted Butternut Pumpkin Soup w/ Crunchy Maple Croutons
The delectable croutons might be the showstopper of this bowl of autumnal goodness. Pack the soup in a thermos, large Mason jar, or tall plastic container. Croutons pack up separately to assemble in pretty bowls at your feast.


The traditionalists among you will certainly not be willing to give up Thanksgiving Day pie. If you’re looking for an elegant presentation, make your favorite pie recipe and transport it in one of these beautiful Pieboxes. Stack up your apple, pumpkin, and pecan! Handmade in Chicago.

image Piebox

Can o’ Cran
Of course, what’s easier to transport than a can of gelatinous cranberry sauce?  Mmmmmm, doesn’t that look gourmet?