Your Guide to Stylish Cycling Through Spring Showers: Part 1

With spring comes the inevitable shower. But that doesn’t hold city commuters up! Now, you know the usual protocols for biking through rain: get yourself a solid fender, outfit yourself with some bright lights, avoid sharp turns, don your SmartWool socks (we’re big fans), and if you’re unfortunate enough to get the dreaded stripe up your backside, pretreat with dish soap.

But what about the finer points of cycling during a rain shower? How do you stay chic on your ride when you’re being pelted with droplets of water?

We’ve got you covered, literally. Here, we present Part 1 of a three-part series featuring our handy tips and favorite products for outsmarting the rain. Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3, coming your way soon.

Raincoats (and more)

Just because a raincoat is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish! Check out these BI-approved options:

Images via
Images via

The Norway-based Helly Hansen brand is “born in the sea, raised in the mountains,” and totally equipped to outfit you on your rides around town. We love their Nine K rain jacket for it’s sleek design, full weather protection, and cheerful patterns. Breathable, durable, and fashioned with their signature Helly Tech Protection, this number will keep you cool, dry, and oh so swift. $150, available here.

Designed, crafted, and manufactured in the U.S., Cleverhood is a company interested in creating and catering to livable cities populated with biking enthusiasts.  With great attention to detail such as seam sealed zippers, and reflective threads, The Cleverhood is a chic, easy alternative to a raincoat.  It is a high performance street cape that fits your and your bag under its dry cover. Superhero status encouraged but not required. $249, available here.

Image via
Image via

Nau’s Poncho Via raincoat has stolen our hearts. Graceful, chic, modern, and sporty, the completely waterproof, pullover raincoat won’t cramp your style or your speed. For the Spring 2015 collection, this sustainability-focused company debuted the coat in an array of colors to suit your mood. Bonus: the coat is on sale. $193 (marked down from $275), available here.

Images via
Images via

Okay, so it’s definitely not breathable, and it wouldn’t keep you super comfortable on a longer ride, but this glittering gold, transparent rain jacket from Topshop via Nordstrom is just so cool. You’ll sparkle along as you wave cheerfully at the rows black-clad cyclists. Quite literally, you’re golden. So shine on! If this glittery form wins out over function for you, it’s available here for $85.

Image via
Images via

The best part about REI’s Kyoto Trench rain jacket? It covers your butt. Cut extra long with bikeable kick pleats in the back, this sophisticated, sporty, double-breasted trench has our stamp of approval. Bonus: it comes with a zip-off, brimmed hood. $149, available here.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 and Part 3 of this guide, coming soon!


4 thoughts on “Your Guide to Stylish Cycling Through Spring Showers: Part 1

  1. Oooh I love that shimmer gold raincoat! I have a Cleverhood (reflective of course) but love some of the other options here as well. I shared this with the Women & Bicycles Facebook group I belong to, since they are always talking about rain gear. : )

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