Month: October 2014

Last-Minute Bikeable Halloween Costumes

You give yourself 18 minutes to bike to work when you know it actually takes 25. You allow yourself just one more game of Candy Crush before tackling your pile of bills. And then one more after that. You’re a procrastinator. Own it. And you don’t have a Halloween costume yet, but that’s all about to change. Behold: last-minute and totally bikeable costume ideas.

Katniss Everdeen

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Katniss’s sporty, no-nonsense, badass look is a no-brainer. Don a pair of khaki or hunter green pants, a form-fitting top, a black athletic jacket, and a Mockingjay pin (here’s an easy DIY). Assume the three-finger salute during your turn signals. Zip past congested traffic and tipsy pedestrians like the Girl on Fire you are.

Of course, a sleek French braid is a must. We like this tutorial. (Bonus: the hairstyle will surely fit under your helmet.) Hair gets a little messy throughout the course of your night? Even better. Katniss doesn’t have time to worry about flyaways.


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Find yourself a black umbrella, snip-snip, stitch-stitch, and you’ve turned yourself into a bat! Okay, so it’s a little more involved than that. But it’s incredibly easy, we swear. Get full instructions for creating this clever nocturnal critter costume here.

Attach some bat ears to your helmet, wear an all-black ensemble, and you’re ready to roll. Add some dramatic arm movements and feel the wind beneath your wings as you ride.


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Got a red hoodie and a white sheet? Looks like you’ll be recreating the famous E.T. scene this Halloween. Affix a basket to the front of your bike if you don’t already have one and ride with purpose.

How you craft your E.T. friend is up to interpretation, your crafting skills, and time. Try paper maché, a drawing on cardboard, or your niece’s babydoll.

Feel free to get a bit weird, and frankly, extraterrestrial.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (or any witch, really)

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Oh, Kiki. The adorable teenage witch from our youth with a delivery gig that often went awry. Her look is pretty simple—basic black dress, large red hair bow, red ballet flats, black cat sidekick. If your tresses are lighter, throw on a black bob wig if you’ve got one.

Attach a broom to the frame of your bike to transform your trusty cycle into a witch-approved transportation vehicle. Turn the brush horizontally and the broom doubles as a fender!

Ever the modest witch, Kiki would never be caught exposing her bloomers to the city below. Keep things in check during your spooky night rides with a trusty Bird Industries skirt garter.

Happy Halloween!