Month: March 2014

Wool Ewe’ll Love

As far as I’m concerned, the sheep have it all figured out when it comes to their attire. Merino wool is an active fiber which means it reacts to your body temperature, cooling you when you’re hot, and warming you when you’re cold. As with many quality items, that smart performance comes with a price tag. With winter wrapping up (fingers-crossed!), now is a great time to find season-end sales.

Below are 4 pieces that have made it into my closet and drawers in multiples (often thanks to nice sales or great gifts). You’ll see this list is heavy on the Ibex and Smartwool. This is a personal list of what I love — my tried and true go-tos, with bias included.

Ibex Balance Brief
Regularly $30
Current count in my drawer: 6 + 1 pair of boyshorts that I’m not a superfan of


Does the thought of wool underwear conjure up pictures of great-granny stirring stew over the wood fire? Well, these ain’t your great-granny’s unders! Soft and thin, they’re also breathable and machine-washable. And if you’re prefer, they come in a boyshort-cut too. They were previously offered in a thong-cut, but it appears those have been discontinued for now.

Ibex Woolies 150 Crew
Regularly $80
Current count in my closet: 7 Hmm, that sounds excessive. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it’s not.


A woolies crew is the first thing I reach for when getting ready in the morning. In the winter, they go under anything else I wear, as they’re breathable, odor-resistant, and light-weight but warm. Because they’re thin, they’re a little see-through but can still be worn on their own.

Sign up for Ibex’s email list for specials or check out the sale section on their website for some good deals.

Smartwool 250 Neck Gaiter
Regularly $28
Current count in my closet: 2, if you count the one my main squeeze borrowed and never returned



Once the temp starts to drop, I pretty much take this off only to wash it and immediately put it back on. It’s like a toasty hug from one of those Australian sheep.

Smartwool Women’s PhD Outdoor Medium Crew Socks
Regularly $23.95
Current count in my drawer: 4 pairs of varying thicknesses and heights


The patches of thicker or thinner material in these socks are strategically placed — thicker areas in the heel and toe add cushion and don’t wear out as quickly, while the thinner areas on the top and sides increase breathability and keep the socks in place.

I find most Smartwool deals at my local outdoor store, or Santa brings them for me at X-mas. I must have been very good!

Image credits: Ibex and Smartwool