Month: November 2013

Bike-Portable Thanksgiving Fare

You’ve been invited to share a holiday meal with friends and family. If you’re planning biking there to work off some of that pecan pie, but can’t figure out a dish that will fit in your bike bag, here are 5 perfectly packable Thanksgiving offerings.

Roasted Winter Squash and Onion Turnovers
What’s more cozy than a warm pocket of savory goodness? These cute turnovers pack up nicely in a plastic container. Pad them with a little paper towel so they don’t shake around too much, and you’re ready to ride over the river and through the woods.


Prosciutto-Wrapped Parmesan-Pecan Dates
Prosciutto and dates. Salty and sweet. Heaven and, well…. honey-roasted heaven! Be sure to get dates on the larger side, pack them up in the compartments of an egg carton, secure with rubber band, and be on your way.


Roasted Butternut Pumpkin Soup w/ Crunchy Maple Croutons
The delectable croutons might be the showstopper of this bowl of autumnal goodness. Pack the soup in a thermos, large Mason jar, or tall plastic container. Croutons pack up separately to assemble in pretty bowls at your feast.


The traditionalists among you will certainly not be willing to give up Thanksgiving Day pie. If you’re looking for an elegant presentation, make your favorite pie recipe and transport it in one of these beautiful Pieboxes. Stack up your apple, pumpkin, and pecan! Handmade in Chicago.

image Piebox

Can o’ Cran
Of course, what’s easier to transport than a can of gelatinous cranberry sauce?  Mmmmmm, doesn’t that look gourmet?


Guide: Find your style, then find your bike bell

Your bike bell can say a lot about you—making it even harder to choose one.  Here’s a little guidance from the Bird Industries science (fiction) lab.

1)  Your loft is impeccable, and your fridge full of farmer’s market fare.
Your bell should be the PDW Alexander Graham Bell – $25
Clean lines.  Classic.  Elegant.

image credit:  Portland Design Works

2)  You love brightly colored pants, dangly earrings, and belting out Journey at karaoke.
Your bell should be the Incredibell Jellibell $10
Candy-colored bright pops for your bike.

image credit:  Mirrycle

3)  You have all the latest gadgets—this one included.
The Belll €16,95
Funded by Kickstarter. Concepted and produced in Holland.

image credit:  Belll

4)  You are nothing if not practical. Your scout uniform/sash is full of badges.
Your bell should be the Electra Compass Bell $9

image credit: Electra

5)  You are one of a kind, and a little crafty. Did you knit that hat yourself?
You’re bell should be the DringDring Rotary Dial Bike Bell $20
Hand-painted. Often adorable. Occasionally irreverent.

image credit: Kikkerland

6)  Sophisticated but understated.  Every detail of your wardrobe has been thought through, but looks effortless.
Your bell should be the Spurcycle Bell $35
Modern yet minimalist (so modern, in fact, that it’s still in the pre-order phase).

image credit: Spurcycle