Month: October 2013

The Little Black Dress of Bike Helmets: 7 helmets that won’t cramp your style

With all of the colorful and thematic helmets available now, it’s not hard to stand out from the crowd. But if you’re more interested in a subtle, go-to helmet that won’t detract from your cycle chic, here are 7 great options.

Sahn Classic

image credit: Sahn Helmets
The name Classic says it all.  This initial design from the newer Canadian company offers clean lines with a slightly equestrian look.

Giro Atmos
image credit: Giro
The Atmos is one of the less flashy of the race style helmets.  It’s harder to find this type of helmet without all of the logos and graphics that manufacturers think make you look faster. We’re fast enough.  Save the flash for your kit.

Yakkay Milano
image credit: Yakkay
Sometimes a “basic black” turns out to be denim.  With their interchangeable helmet covers, Yakkay offers options for any taste.  This dark blue denim is a great everyday choice.

Specialized Covert
image credit: Specialized
It doesn’t get much more basic than the Covert.  True to its name, this helmet certainly wouldn’t draw attention away from what you’re wearing.  Covert is the most basic of the basics.

Belle Helmets Solar System
image credit: Belle Helmets
If you want something a little more out there, Belle’s gorgeous hand-painted helmets will blow you away.  Each helmet is truly a work of art.

Bern Lenox
image credit: Bern Unlimited
Bern makes an array of helmets for skaters, snowboarders, skiers, bikers and wakeboarders.  Because of the snow sports, they also have many options for cold-weather biking.  The Lenox has clean lines with a touch of understated style.

Hövding Airbag
image credit: Hövding
The subtlest helmet is one that isn’t even worn on your head.  Originally developed in Sweden as a thesis project by the founders, the Hövding has won numerous design and innovation awards since its 2005 launch.  Unlike other options, this revolutionary “helmet” is worn as a collar around your neck. The collar contains an airbag that will inflate and protect the head in the event of an accident.

Special note:  just in time to go with your new black helmet, black skirt garters are once again available.




Boulder Cup Cyclocross—not-at-all-a-recap

In Boulder for a girls weekend, imagine our excitement when we heard about the largest cyclocross race in the Rockies.  The weather had been blustery and chilling for the 3 days we were there.  But on the day we were to head back to Minneapolis, the sun broke through and shined brightly on the Valmont Bike Park.

photo 1

This was a tough race for many people, and not just physically.  There were a lot of shout-outs for rising cyclocross star and Boulder resident Amy Dombrowski, who was killed in a training run in Belgium just 2 weeks earlier.  There was an honorary lap for Amy, and a junior cyclist was riding one of her training bikes in recognition.  It’s a tight community, made all the more apparent by the show of support.

photo 3

As this was my first cyclocross viewing, we positioned ourselves where the action was sure to be—the stairs.  Or was it just where the action was because it happened to be the beer garden?


Either way, we saw determination, tired faces, indomitable spirit, and bright sunshine.  What a great view and the perfect way to wrap up our trip.